In 2023 the Dutch National Growth Fund decided to invest 110 million Euro into a large innovation programme to scale up Nature-based Solutions, a project initiated by myself and others in 2020. A consortium of nature organisations, engineering companies, scientific institutions, professional education and governmental bodies will explore Nature-based Solutions, combining practice and theory.

Oerol evaluation

In 2022 I facilitated the evaluation of the Oerol festival of Terschelling. Together with the employees we looked into issues, opportunities and lessons learnt.

Growing Green Cities 2122

On behalf of the Floriade Expo we organize an international conference how to think long term in a short term world, for growing green cities. The aim of the conference is to evolve multi-disciplinary practices that develop longer term thinking in our city- networks and policies.

Natural Future for the Netherlands

On behalf of 11 environmental organisations, science institutions like Wageningen University&Research and Deltares and Topsector Water, Bureau Stroming, P2 managers explored and prepared an ambitious project proposal for the Dutch National Growth Fund, aiming for growth and prosperity with nature-based-solutions for the Netherlands.

Free Flowing Rivers

I support the Arcadia Fund to explore potential interventions stimulating restoration of European free flowing rivers.


One of my favorite projects is the fishmigrationriver at the Dutch Afsluitdijk, initiated in 2011 and being built at the moment. As a group of enthusiasts we managed to start something which was thought to be impossible: creating a gap in the largest dam of the Netherlands. For fish.